Vini biologici Doc Sardegna

It all began with the reconversion of the old family vineyards in 2012, transformed following new agronomic techniques and planting the historic vines of the place such as Vermentino, Cannonau, Nebbiolo, Cagnulari and Moscato.

In 2015 the first Cannonau-based wine was born, a full-bodied red that releases unique emotions, with the typical traits of the Sardinian black grape variety par excellence. The 2017 harvest is maturing some very interesting Vermentino and Cannonau, sons of a hot year greedy for quantity, where nature, in its crude ruthlessness, has decimated the production, but has revealed its noble and benevolent side by donating the right amount and quality to continue the dream of bringing the fruit of the hard work of the Polinas brothers into the bottle.

The company has two Polinas branded wines with two fascinating labels that enclose the essence of the place where these wines are born: Vermentino DOC Sardegna, a fresh vintage wine and Cannonau DOC Sardegna, a red wine of great texture and structure. In the future there is the desire to create a young vintage wine such as Cagnulari and to be able to make a great Classic Method sparkling wine, perhaps from Nebbiolo grapes! The goal is certainly to aim at foreign markets without neglecting the Sardinian and national territory.