Bonnanaro is located on the hills of Mejlogu, a sub-region in the North- West of Sardinia called Logudoro (logu de oro: the golden district), at a height of 500 metres.
It enjoys this privileged, geographical position, favouring a micro-climate and the land’s abundance of water, encouraging the cultivation of the vine.

Today, it still remains largely unspoilt, with many of its cobbled streets and alleyways that surround the many 18th and 19th-century stately buildings that remind us and take us back to a past made of wealthy landowners, a past also made up of hard work and daily toil in the fields. This kind of work and effort
have strengthened the personality of entire generations, that have made Bonnanaro, Mejlogu, unique, for its use of methods carried out with dedication for the cultivation of vines and the production of excellent wines.